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11th-22nd January 2016

The Sydney Southeast Asia Centre is organising a special summer school on traditional medicine in Indonesia from 11th-22nd January 2016. The Summer School will be taught in Indonesia, with 22 scholarships available to meet expenses involved (such as airfares).

Course Description

During this two week program, students will learn about jamu; traditional Indonesian medicine that has been practiced for generations. Students will learn about jamu from a range of different aspects including plant biology, biodiversity, cultivation, as well as its social, religious and ethno-medicinal significance. The field school will involve a series of lectures with local experts at the Agricultural University of Bogor as well as site visits to a herb garden, local health centres and local communities. Students will be based in Bogor, but also travel to the cities of Bandung and Purwakarta as part of this field school.

For more information see here: Traditional Medicine in Indonesia

HPS students, and students in the Faculty of Science, can enrol for this Unit of Study. It will count towards the major in HPS as a normal senior Unit of Study.

For more information please contact at: A/Prof Hans Pols


19th-23rd October 2015

Darlington Centre Boardroom - Camperdown Campus (Darlington Centre Map)

The Unit for History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Sydney presents the Sydney Winter International Graduate School (SWIGS): a week-long advanced seminar tutored by a visiting scholar and a Sydney-based one, focused on a theme of their recent research.
This year, SWIGS will be convened by Stephen Stich from Rutgers University and Dominic Murphy, University of Sydney. The departments and programs of History of Science at Washington University in St Louis, Birmingham, Helsinki, ANU and Wollongong are sending graduate student participants.
For more information contact Dominic Murphy (
Students are expected to have read the material beforehand, to actively participate in the discussion and to contribute informal presentations. Readings will be made available in a shared Dropbox folder.


The theme of this year’s SWIGS will be Cross-Cultural Issues in Philosophy and Psychology.





Monday 19th

Darlington Centre Boardroom

Topic: Cultural Psychology, Cultural Diversity, the Experimental Philosophy Challenge & the "Expertise Defense"

Tuesday 20th Darlington Centre Boardroom Topic: Epistemology & Philosophy of Language
Wednesday 21st Carlsaw 450 (Science Meeting Room) Topic: Moral Disagreement, Moral Diversity & Moral Philosophy
Thursday 22nd Darlington Centre Boardroom Topic: Cross-Cultural Psychiatry
Friday 23rd Darlington Centre Boardroom Topic: Theories of Cultural Change


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