Linus Huang - PhD Candidate

Linus Huang is a PhD candidate in HPS, whose research focuses on how the human mind emerges from the self-organization of neural processes. His project analyzes recent computational and neuroscientific models of decision-making and control with the theoretical lenses provided by formal social decision theory, as well as a legacy of philosophical literature in which the mind is understood using the metaphor of a society. His dissertation, "Neuro-Democracy: Self-Organization of Embodied Mind", will provide a better conceptual understanding of how the mind self-organizes.

Selected Publications

  • Eric Schwitzgebel, Joshua Rust, Linus Ta-Lun Huang, Alan T. Moore, & Justin Coates (2012) Ethicists' Courtesy at Philosophy Conferences. Philosophical Psychology, 25:3, 331-340, DOI: 10.1080/ 09515089.2011.580524
  • For a full list of publications, see Linus' profile.