Research degrees

History and Philosophy of Science(HPS) is located at the crossroads of science and arts, investigating the development and place of science in modern society. It examines the theoretical and experimental developments in science, technology and modern medicine from a range of perspectives using socio-historical and philosophical techniques to explore these int their social, cultural and political contexts. The Unit for History and Philosophy of Science offers two research degrees:

Master of Science (MSc)

Between one and two years full-time or between one and four years part-time study

A Masters of Science degree in HPS is an excellent way of consolidating the skills and insights gained during the Honours course. The Masters degree is primarily a research degree but can also include a small number of units of study at the postgraduate level.

For students contemplating pursuing a PhD in HPS, our Masters course provides a thorough preparation for pursuing further postgraduate study either at our Unit or at HPS programs elsewhere.

For students from outside Australia, spending an academic year at our Unit will broaden your horizons on the discipline and provide you with an internationally comparative perspective.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Three and a half years of full-time study or up to seven years part-time study

A doctoral degree in HPS provides advanced training in research skills and will equip the candidate with all credentials needed for holding an academic position. There are a variety of reasons to pursue a PhD in HPS, ranging from personal interest, a desire to develop research skills, or to obtain a further academic degree. The research of the staff members of the Unit for HPS is recognised world-wide; the vibrant atmosphere in the Unit is conducive for research.