HPSC4105 - HPS Research Methods

6 credit points
1 seminar/week
Assessment: literature review, archival research project, seminar participation
Seminars will be held in the HPS Common Room Level 3 Carslaw Building

Techniques and approaches in the history, sociology and philosophy of science

Adopting a seminar style, this course aims to provide students with an advanced knowledge of the skills necessarily to conduct their own original research in the sociology, history and philosophy of science. The students will be given a weekly set of core readings, and specialists both from within the Unit and from outside will then be invited to present their views on the topic in question. This presentation will form the basis for a discussion involving the students, the academic members of the Unit, and invited speakers.

In This Course We Will Discuss:

  • The use of case studies in the philosophy of science
  • Conducting oral histories
  • Institutional history
  • How to do the sociology of science