Talented students program

is the TSP Coordinator in the Unit for History and Philosophy of Science.

The Talented Student Program (TSP) is a special program of study intended for students of exceptional merit who are enrolled in degrees administered by the Faculty of Science. Entry to the Talented Student Program is by invitation from the Dean. For more information, visit the TSP page on the Faculty of Science website.

TSP project showcases

Certificate in History and Philosophy of Science

The Unit for History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) offers students who are enrolled in the TSP program the opportunity to work towards a Certificate in The History and Philosophy of Science.

The Certificate in HPS program of study gives talented students a wider perspective on their scientific vocation as well as accelarated entry into the Honours program if desired.

The Certificate is awarded for successful completion of at least one subject in each of the following three areas, with a distinction grade in each:

  • One advanced 2nd-year unit of study:
    HPSC2100 & HPSC2900 (advanced) - Introduction to History of Science
    HPSC2101 & HPSC2901 (advanced) - Introduction to Philosophy of Science
  • One 3rd-year Unit of Study:
    HPSC3107 - Science, Ethics and Society
    HPSC3108 - History and Philosophy of the Physical Sciences
    HPSC3002 - History and Philosophy of the Biomedical Sciences
    HPSC3023 - History and Philosophy of Psychology and Psychiatry
    HPSC3016 - The Scientific Revolution

  • One special TSP Honours level unit of study:
    HPSC4104 – Recent Topics in History and Philosophy of Science
    (in which you choose an area matching your scientific interests and pursue it from an HPS perspective).

TSP students are welcome to enrol in any or all of these subjects from their 1st semester onwards. Students only require three subjects, one from each category with a distinction grade, to fullfill the requirements of the Certificate in HPS. Upon completion, the Unit for the History and Philosophy of Science will issue a certificate of recognition.

Successful completion of this certificate will entitle the student to special consideration for the Honours program in HPS. The Unit for HPS will consider allowing the student to enrol in Honours classes, receive credits and write an Honours thesis as soon as the certificate is completed. The degree with Honours will be awarded after full completion of regular Honours requirements and the award of the BSc.

Students should consult with the TSP co-ordinator before making any final enrollment decisions concering the Certificate in HPS. Contact in the Unit for HPS if interested.