• How cathedral termites arrived here to build their 'sky-scrapers'

    How cathedral termites arrived here to build their 'sky-scrapers'

    Before designing one of the animal kingdom's tallest structures, common in Australia's Top End, ancestors of these termite fortress builders rafted from Asia or South America about 10 million years ago, research has found.

  • Training under the midnight sun

    Confidence boost linked to weight loss in smartphone trial

    Agriculture and Environment's Professor Margaret Barbour joined 75 other women scientists in a year-long program intending to increase the influence and impact of women with a background in science.

  • What's that weed in my rice field?

    What's that weed in my rice field?

    A new smartphone application has been developed by University of Sydney researchers that will help the plight of Cambodian farmers to manage weeds in their rice fields.


  • Annual RD Watt Lecture

    Annual RD Watt Lecture

    Innovation in Australian agriculture benefits the world... and vice versa?

  • Biology first-year welcome and lunch

    BBiology first-year welcome and lunch

    Are you a first year undergraduate studying biology, ecology, genetics, human or molecular biology? Join us at the Orientation Week welcome to hear all the tips and tricks for succeeding in your first-year life and environmental sciences units – plus there's lunch!