Young cattle grouped in a shelter

The “Camden Farms” comprise an area of around 1500ha between Camden and Badgery’s Creek and together constitute the University’s only “rural/regional” Campus.

The University of Sydney has ownership of 19 rural properties collectively termed the ‘Camden Farms’. The total area of these properties is approximately 1500 ha. Geographically the sites are located from Badgery’s Creek in the north, southward to Mt Hunter. A number of properties adjoin and form clusters, which are identified by their district location. A locational grouping in broad terms is:

  • Badgery’s Creek: McGarvie Smith Farm, Fleurs
  • Bringelly: Coates Park, Wolverton Farm, J B Pye Farms and
    Greendale School site
  • Cobbitty: Plant Breeding Institute (PBI-Karalee), RFS, Horse Unit and Animal Reproduction, Lansdown and Lansdown turf
  • Westwood
  • Corstorphine: Corstorphine Farm, Uni park and Moffat/Cannons
  • Mayfarm
  • Mt Hunter (east and west)

These farms that are essential to supporting the present core teaching and research activities of the Faculties of Veterinary Science and Faculty of Agriculture and Environment and vital to securing new initiatives arising from government and Industry priorities in education, bioscience and food chain research occasioned by climate change, peak oil, urbanization, food and water security.