Workplace inductions

When working in a new location or environment it is important that your supervisor or delegated officer provides you with a local induction. This should include a tour of the building and local area you will be working in so that you familiarise yourself with emergency procedures/information, as well as talking about the hazards associated with the work you will be doing. The local WHS induction form can be used as a guide and completed at this time.

Each new worker must also complete the University WHS online induction. Both induction procedures must be completed within 7 days of a new worker starting.

People working in research environments such as laboratories and the field are required to complete a Hazard assessment form. Please refer to our WHS page for more information.

Lab work cannot commence, and card and key access will not be granted until inductions and hazard assessments have been completed and emailed to

Before starting work in a new environment it is important that staff, students, visitors and volunteers follow the SOLES procedure for safety training.

Please consult the training needs analysis to determine role specific training required.

Proxy card access and key request form

If you are new to the School, or have moved locations, it is likely that you will require access to various secure areas via proximity “proxy” access (formerly swipe access) and keys.

Access can only be granted after new starters have completed the workplace induction and emailed all relevant paperwork to

Your staff/student card acts as the “proxy” card. Actual cards are issued by Campus Cards.

To apply for proxy card access, simply complete the Card access and key application form with your requirements.

If you require your “proxy” card access to be extended or renewed, simply re-submit the Card access and key application form with your new end date and up-to-date access requirements. Please direct any queries to your relavant key and swipe card access contact.

Please note - If you are a volunteer you will need a different type of proxy access card. Your supervisor can request a short term visitors card when submitting a request for access. Simply enter the word “BLANK” in the staff/student id field on the online submission form.

SOLES general store

The SOLES general store, located in G08, stocks a range of stationery, lab consumables and common chemicals and reagents used in research and teaching laboratories. The SOLES general store also oversees incoming and outgoing deliveries to the building. The SOLES poster printing service is also now available through the store (via the online store portal).

All items available to purchase from the store can be ordered through our online store portal. Please note that this is a secure site and can only viewed by registered customers.

To become a new customer of the online store, simply click the link and select NEW CUSTOMER SIGNUP. When signing up as a new customer, please use the following format:

Company name: SUPERVISOR SURNAME – Your Name

Address 1: Rm XXX

Address 2: Molecular Bioscience Building, G08

Town / City: University of Sydney 

Account Number: (this requires your RC and PC) XXXXX XXXXX

Name: Your Name

Email: Your uni email (you will be emailed copies of all your orders from the store)

Password: Whatever you like to use (minimum 4 characters)

Alternatively, Ben Monaghan can help to sign you up on the spot in the store if he has time.

When placing an order, it is possible to select either PICK UP or DELIVERY. The delivery option attract an additional $10 fee and is only available for buildings around Camperdown, Darlington and ATP. You will be notified prior to delivery of a likely time your goods will be delivered to you.

SOLES G08 Service Centre

The SOLES G08 Service Centre, located in Building G08, provides a range of general support services to research and teaching conducted in the School. Services include:

  • Poster printing
  • Autoclaving and sterilisation
  • Scientific glassware cleaning
  • Labcoat laundering
  • Electronic equipment repairs/minor equipment repair services.

If you require assistance please fill in the online service request form. The online submission goes directly to all members of the service centre.

decontamination form must be attached to all jobs taken to the Service Centre or repaired in situ.

Please contact Doug Chappell for assistance with access to the online service request form.

SOLES Poster Printing Service

The posters printing services is located in Building G08 and the service fees are as follows:

  • Poster printing on paper = $25
  • Laminating of paper poster = $15
  • Poster printing on fabric = $40

To have a poster printed, please purchase a poster printing service through the online SOLES general store.

Please email your order confirmation along with your poster file to so that it can be printed. Once Peter/Doug/Max have received your email they should be able to discuss with you a timeframe for when your poster will be ready for collection.

SOLES autoclaving, glassware cleaning and laundry services

The autoclave and glassware cleaning unit provides a daily autoclaving and glassware cleaning and laundry services, located in Building G08. The policy and procedures relating to this service can be read here. All autoclaving, glassware cleaning enquiries should be directed to Trudie Smith.

Laundry services in Science Road and Carslaw buildings remain a centralised service.

Electronic equipment repairs/minor equipment repair services

A portion of jobs submitted to the FOS mechanical workshop such as electrical equipment repairs and some minor equipment repairs are currently being diverted to the G08 Service Centre team through their online submission system. All jobs submitted for repair to the G08 Service Centre must have a decontamination form attached. For electrical enquiries, please contact Doug Chappell. For all other enquiries, please contact Peter Kerr.