Postgraduate research

Whether you’re an aspiring academic, seeking a competitive edge in your career or want to explore your passion, a PhD or master's by research is the ideal choice.

Consistently ranked among the best research universities in the world, we are home to many leading researchers and attract generous funding in support of our research projects.

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Our research areas

Animal sciences

Animal Science is a diverse cluster that works with the basic biology of animals and the other organisms that interact with them.

Biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology

This cluster focuses on delineating the molecular mechanisms and describing cellular phenomena that underpin all forms of life, and using that knowledge to realise economic, therapeutic and technological outcomes.

Ecology, evolution and environmental sciences

We look at the world from an evolutionary perspective. Evolutionary theory provides practical insights into how biota adapt or fail to adapt to environmental change, why organisms behave the way they do, and allows us to map evolutionary changes.


The Microbiology cluster studies how microorganisms affect our lives and our environment, how we can harness them, and how we can stop them from causing us harm.

Plant sciences

The Plant Sciences cluster researches the full range of plant sciences, from molecular biology and plant physiology, though to the interactions of natural and managed plant communities with their biotic and abiotic environments.