The following courses are available in the Sydney Master of Marine Science and Management program:

Each course is structured so that you take core units and elective units across the knowledge areas below. If you are in the Master or the Graduate Diploma, you are also required to undertake a capstone unit.

Knowledge areas

Within each course, you will be required to take a minimum number of units across the following areas of knowledge.

BIO: Marine biology / Biological oceanography
GEO: Marine geosciences / Coastal engineering
PHY: Physical oceanography / Marine engineering
ENV: Environmental management / Sustainability

Capstone unit

Students of the Master and Graduate Diploma courses are required to undertake a capstone unit that will be taught at SIMS by scientists from the 4 universities involved (USYD, UNSW, UTS and Macquarie.) This capstone unit will have a practical component that will be done using data from IMOS (Integrated Marine Observatory System), real-life data and real-life experience.

Core units

There are 3 core units based on the coastal expertise of Sydney University. In the Master and Graduate Diploma, you are required to complete all 3 units. In the Graduate Certificate, you are required to complete 2 of the core units.

You can view the core units by visiting the Master, Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate course pages.

Elective units

Within each course, you will have the opportunity to take elective units at the University of Sydney and at any of the partner universities (you are encouraged to take this option). Please note that for the Graduate Certificate, you are not required to take units in partner universities.

You can view the elective units on our timetable page.