Course outcomes

Upon successful completion of the core coursework units, you will:

  • have a sound knowledge of fundamental radiation and nuclear physics
  • be able to correctly identify anatomical features in a clinical CT scan
  • understand the difference between diagnostic and functional imaging
  • be able to measure radiation dose with difference detectors
  • know how to characterize radiation beams from clinical linear accelerators
  • have a thorough knowledge of modern radiotherapy treatment techniques
  • be able to develop computational models for imaging and dosimetry
  • have a sound knowledge of radiation protection and radiobiology
  • have an appreciation of advanced clinical techniques in medical physics, such as image-guided radiotherapy, multi-modal imaging and hadron therapy.

Graduates of the MMedPhys degree will, in addition, have gained sufficient experience in research methodology and techniques to enable them to initiate independent, self-directed research leading to peer-reviewed publications in the scientific literature.