Information for Postgraduate Students (Research)

This information is intended for current and incoming PhD and Masters by Research students in the School of Molecular Bioscience (SMB). All such students should familiarize themselves with the reporting and seminar requirements of PhD and Masters by Research candidates.

Postgraduate Committee Members

Postgraduate Coordinator and Chair, Postgraduate Committee:

  • Prof. Anthony Weiss

Committee members:

  • Dr Sandro Ataide
  • A/Prof Andrew Holmes
  • Dr Sue Mithieux
  • Dr Fiona O'Leary

Student members:

  • TBA

Contact a member by email to :

Provide your full name, SID, supervisor's name and include your comment with an appropriate subject line. Current students should use their University email address in all correspondence.

Meetings of the Postgraduate Committee

The Committee meets every four months. To table an issue or problem, you should contact the Chair of the Committee at least two weeks prior to the meetings:

  • late March
  • mid-June
  • mid-November

Annual Progress Review

Annual Progress Reports are to be completed by ALL students. Forms will be forwarded electronically to all candidates for completion to track progress toward completion. Interviews with appropriate academic staff will also be scheduled to identify any issues that may be impacting on study.

School Seminars

School seminars are held at 12.00 noon every Friday in Room 471 during semester. All post-graduate and honours students are required to attend these seminars and PhD students are required to present a seminar in their final semester of candidature.

First Year Postgraduate Students

The University of Sydney holds a Postgraduate Induction Program in March and July for all new postgraduate students. You should attend this session in your first year of study. Click here for more information.

A welcome to SMB postgraduate student afternoon, organised by the Postgraduate Committee Student Representatives, is held in early May. Short presentations will be given to provide information on: PRSS, Annual Progress Report & Interview process, Library Services, SUPRA and research activities in the School. Food and drinks are provided.

Post Graduate Induction 2014

The 2014 SMB Postgraduate Induction Afternoon was held in August. The event consisted of a variety of introductions to key support services from academics and staff members.

Second Year Postgraduate Students

Seminars by second year students are held during the annual ProGResS symposium.

Final Year Postgraduate Students

All third year PhD students will present a seminar to the School during the year as scheduled. The seminars are usually held in Room 471. Talks are approximately 30 minutes in duration including questions.

Students will receive valuable feedback from Academics and Research Staff in the School ahead of submitting their thesis.

Forms for Postgraduate Students (Faculty of Science)

Forms to extend candidature, intent to submit thesis, etc. are available here

Postgraduate Research Support Scheme (PRSS)

There will be one PRSS round in the School of Molecular Biosciences to be held in October or November. A call for applications will be sent out some time in September or early October. All receipts should be retained until the time of application.

Major features of the scheme include:

  • a maximum of one application per year
  • a maximum of three payments per candidature
  • applications will normally be considered for approved receipts totalling $200 - $1,200
  • In the event that a student has been accepted to present at an international conference, an application can be made instead for up to $2,000 for assistance towards conference expenses
  • approved receipts in the past have included: conference travel, accommodation and/or registration, visits to interstate laboratories or facilities, contributions to computer hardware or software, relevant books.

Intellectual Property

The University has produced a policy document on Intellectual Property. All students are asked to familiarise themselves with the key features of this policy (especially as it relates to students) before they start work.

Useful Websites

The following websites may be useful during your candidature:

What URL

School of Molecular Bioscience

SMB Computer Support

University of Sydney

Research & Scholarships Office

The Research & Scholarships Office includes information on:

  • Animal and Human Ethics
  • Policies and Procedures

Policy Online Index

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Medicine

International Student Support Unit

Postgraduate Studies Handbook

Learning Centre


Maps of campus and buildings

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