SUPRU - Sydney University Proteome Research Unit

The school hosts the Sydney University Proteome Research Unit (SUPRU) that provides a 'research hotel', training and contract research services to domestic and international researchers. The excellent proteomic facilities consists of a gel lab, mass spectrometry lab and bioinformatics suite.

In the gel lab there are facilities for running and blotting a wide variety of 1- or 2-dimensional gels. The lab is equipped with a 4-laser FLA9000 imaging system for scanning DIGE and fluorescently stained gels. The FLA9000 can also be used to read phosphoscreens for the rapid and quantitative detection of radio isotopes, while the densitometer can be used to digitise X-ray film and image Coomassie or silver stained gels.

The mass spectrometry lab is equipped with a Voyager DE STR MALDI-TOF instrument for whole protein mass determination and peptide mass fingerprint analysis. The QSTAR Elite Q-TOF mass spectrometer, which can either be configured with an oMALDI or a Nanospray II ion source, is used in conjunction with the Agilent 1100 HPLC system for 2DLC-MS or ‘shotgun’ proteomics analysis. The most recent addition, and the first of its type in Australia, is a 5500 QTRAP mass spectrometer which is combined with an Eksigent nanoFlex cHiPLC system for selected reaction monitoring workflows.

In the bioinformatics suite is our in-house MASCOT server running a range of public databases as well as a number of custom-made databases and several computers for the analysis of gel and mass spectrometry data. Packages available include: ImageQuant (1D gel analysis), Progenesis SameSpot (2D gel and DIGE analysis), Data Explorer, Analyst QS (mass spec data analysis) ProteinPilot (iTRAQ analysis), MRMPilot, MultiQuant and Trans Proteomic Pipeline.

For more information, please visit the SUPRU website, or for contract research, training and research hotel requests please contact .