Units of study run by the School

Currently enrolled students should refer to their unit's WebCT site for the most up to date course outline. The course outlines provided here are for the convenience of students considering enrolment in a particular unit of study and should be considered a guide only.

First year units of study

Code Title Semester Coordinator Course outline
MBLG1x01 Molecular Biology and Genetics (Intro)  2 Dr Dale Hancock MBLG1x01

Second year units of study

Code Title Semester Coordintator Course outline
 BCHM2x71   Protein Biochemistry 2* Dr Sandro Ataide BCHM2x71
 BCHM2x72 Human Biochemistry 1* A/Prof Gareth Denyer BCHM2x72
 MBLG2x71 Molecular Biology and Genetics A 1 Dr Markus Hofer MBLG2x71
 MICR2x21 Microbial Life 1 A/Prof Andrew Holmes MICR2x21
 MICR2x22 Microbes in Society 2 A/Prof Andrew Holmes MICR2x22

*From 2014

Third year units of study

Code Title Semester Coordinator Course outline
BCHM3x71 Molecular Biology & Biochemistry- Genes 1 Mrs Jill Johnston & Prof Iain Campbell BCHM3x71
BCHM3x72 Human Molecular Cell Biology 2 Mrs Jill Johnston & Prof Iain Campbell BCHM3x72
BCHM3x81 Molecular Biology & Biochemistry- Proteins 1 Mrs Jill Johnston & Prof Joel Mackay BCHM3x81
BCHM3x82 Medical and Metabolic Biochemistry 2 Mrs Jill Johnston &
A/Prof Gareth Denyer
BCHM3x92 Proteomics and Functional Genomics 2 A/Prof Stuart Cordwell & Mrs Jill Johnston BCHM3x92
MICR3x11 Microbes in Infection 1 Mrs Helen Agus MICR3x11
MICR3x32 Molecular Microbiology Concepts 2 Dr Nicholas Coleman MICR3x32
MICR3x42 Molecular Microbiology Research Skills 2 A/Prof Dee Carter MICR3x42
NUTM3001 Nutrition and Metabolism 1 Dr Wendy Stuart-Smith NUTM3001
NUTM3002 Nutrition and Metabolism Advanced Concepts 2 Dr Kim Bell-Anderson NUTM3002
VIRO3x01 Virology 1 Dr Tim Newsome VIRO3x01

Fourth year (honours) units of study

Information for students wishing to apply for Honours
Information for students currently undertaking Honours

Postgraduate units of study

Code Title Semester Coordinator  Course outline
NTDT5305 Food Service Management 2 Dr Fiona O'Leary NTDT5305
NTDT5307 Medical Nutrition 2 Dr Anna Rangan NTDT5307
NTDT5310 Nutrition Research Project 1 or 2 A/Prof Margaret Allman-Farinelli NTDT5310
NTDT5503 Dietary Intake & Nutrition Assessment 1 Dr Anna Rangan NTDT5503
NTDT5601 Nutritional and Food Science 1 Dr Jimmy Louie NTDT5601
NTDT5602 Methods in Nutrition Research 1 A/Prof Margaret Allman-Farinelli NTDT5602
NTDT5604 Dietetics Professional Studies 1 Dr Fiona O'Leary NTDT5604
NTDT5608 Public Health and Community Nutrition 2 Dr Jimmy Louie NTDT5608
NTDT5612 Dietetics Training Placement 1 or 2 Ms Margaret Nicholson NTDT5612