Honours - how to apply

The School of Molecular Bioscience offers Honours programs in Biochemistry and Microbiology.

Please note that acceptance into the Biochemistry or Microbiology Honours program is dependent on satisfying the requirements of the Faculty of Science and the School. These requirements are detailed in the Honours information booklet.

Students applying for entry into Honours in Biochemistry or Microbiology in Semester 1 2015 are required to submit applications to both the University and to the School of Molecular Bioscience.

Checklist for applying for Honours in Semester 1 2015

1. Read about the available projects and arrange to meet with potential supervisors.

2. Submit your online SCHOOL OF MOLECULAR BIOSCIENCE HONOURS APPLICATION FORM with your choice of up to 10 supervisors. The Application deadline is Sunday 30 November 2014 for both international and domestic students.

3. Submit an application to the Faculty of Science. The Application deadline is Wednesday 30 April 2014 (international students) and Monday 30 June 2014 (domestic students).