School of Molecular Bioscience

The School of Molecular Bioscience was one of the first and largest schools in Australia devoted to research and teaching in the areas of microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics, cell biology and human nutrition. The School organisation reflects its research and teaching strengths and priorities being composed of five research disciplines in Structural Biology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Nutrition and Metabolism, and Proteomics and Biotechnology. In 2012 the School was comprised of a total of 60 academics (including 4 Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science, 2 Federation Fellows, and 17 postdoctoral fellows) and 35 general staff. A central mission of the School is in the training of the next generation of scientists and because of our research commitment we are very well placed to translate the latest scientific discoveries from the research lab into the lecture theatre and practical class.

Latest News

  • Bronze medal win for USyd iGEM team

    The iGEM team was hosted in the Coleman lab

    Bronze medal win at the 2014 Jamboree (Boston, USA) for their project "Easy Cloni: integrons as novel cloning tools in E.coli".

  • Vicki Xie was awarded a Milstein Travel Award

    Milstein Travel Awardee Vicki Xie at the ICIS Meeting

    Vicki Xie from the Campbell lab was awarded a Milstein Travel Award to present her work at the recent Annual General Meeting of the International Cytokine and Interferon Society (ICIS).

  • Markus Hofer Wins the 2014 Selby Research Award

    Markus Hofer

    Markus Hofer has been awarded a 2014 Selby Research Award. This award is given by the Faculty of Science to an academic in the physical, chemical or biochemical disciplines to establish their research career.