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School Administration - Who Does What?

Human Resources

Sonia Supramaniam

HR operational and administrative support

Sonia Supramaniam x12439

Casual claims and appointments

Sonia Supramaniam x12439

Honorary Appointments and Affiliates

Sonia Supramaniam x12439

Occupational Trainees

Sonia Supramaniam x12439

Volunteers Sonia Supramaniam x12439

Work Health and Safety
SoLES Safety Officer Markus Hofer x12233
Deputy Chair, SoLES Safety Commitee Markus Hofer x12233
First Aid Officers

Joe Dimauro x40942

Ben Monaghan x16006

Angela Nikolic x16491

Kemrul Zaman x 12517

Building G08 Inductions (Floor Wardens and Deputies)

Level 7: Markus Hofer, Hannah Nicholas

Level 6: Angela Nikolic

Level 5: Nick Coleman, Dmitry Shishmarev

Level 4: Margaret Espejel, Antony Ward

Level 3: Brian Francisco, Debbie Phillips, Kamrul Zaman

Level 2: Peter Kerr, Ann Kwan, Trudie Smith

Chief Fire Warden
Deputy Fire Warden

Peter Kerr x16006

Kamrul Zaman x12517

Hazardous Waste Disposal Officer Ben Monaghan x16006
Radiation Safety Officer Nick Coleman x16047
Spill Response Officer Kamrul Zaman x12517

General Administration  
Documents for signing by Head of School (including student forms)

Rosanna Scaravilli (Executive Assistant to SoLES HoS)

Update noticeboards and photoboards on Levels 3 and 4 and Floor Directories

Atchana Santhirathas x65417

Student Event arrangements (e.g. Awards Ceremony, Information Sessions)

Pep Prodromou x13757


NB Projectors must be booked by staff via the Calendar

Atchana Santhirathas x65417
Casual Parking permits Pep Prodromou x13757

Problems with office equipment (copiers, faxes etc), School facilities, instruments

Doug Chappell x12505

Molecular Bioscience Phonebook

Atchana Santhirathas x65417

Security Access Cards (Online Application Form) Antony Ward x12224
Security Keys, Room and Locker Keys (submit on-line Service Centre requisition)

Peter Kerr x16006

Max Francis x16006

Student/Academic Administration

Pep Prodromou

Undergraduate enquiries

Pep Prodromou x 13757 or 13165

Honours enquiries

Pep Prodromou x 13757 or 13165

Postgraduate coursework (MND) enquiries

Pep Prodromou x 13757 or 13165

Research enquiries

Pep Prodromou x 13757 or 13165

School Librarian

Monica Cooper x15317

Justice of the Peace

School Discipline Committee Administration
Nutrition and Metabolism Adhoc
Microbiology Adhoc
Structural Biology Adhoc
Molecular Biology and Genetics Adhoc
Biochemistry & Cell Biology Adhoc
School Executive Committee Administration
Management Committee to be advised
Course Structure and Development Committee to be advised
Excellence in Learning and Assessment, Teaching and Evaluation (ELATE) Committee to be advised
Fellowships, Appointments & Promotions Committee to be advised
Honours Committee

to be advised

Postgraduate Committee to be advised
Public Relations, Community and Seminars Committee to be advised
Research Committee to be advised
SoLES Safety Committee Matthew Day x14486
Teaching Deployment Committee to be advised

School Finance
School Budgets and Financial Management Stephen Conaghan x69248
Petty Cash- Mondays Only Bronwyn Ferguson x14727
Corporate Card Approvals

Stephen Conaghan x69248

Bronwyn Ferguson x14727

Cheque requests, expense approvals

Stephen Conaghan x69248

Bronwyn Ferguson x14727


Ben Monaghan x16006

Bronwyn Ferguson x14727


Pradip Sen x65413

Bronwyn Ferguson x14727

Invoice payments

Pradip Sen x65413

Bronwyn Ferguson x14727