SMB Service Centre

Service Centre Services

The SMB Service Centre is here to provide support to the School in all things
pertaining to the efficient and safe performance of day to day operations.

  • Building infrastructure
  • Mechanical workshop
  • Instrument maintenance and repair
  • IT support for teaching and research
  • Autoclaving
  • Scientific glassware cleaning
  • Attendant services
  • Store

If you require assistance please fill in the online service request form. The online submission goes directly to all members of the service centre.

Service Centre Teams

Building and Infrastructure

Any building maintenance issues needed to be addressed are handled by the Building and Infrastructure team.

  • Peter Kerr [Technical Officer]
  • Ben Monaghan [Technical Officer]
  • Max Francis [Building Attendant]

Instrumentation and Computing

Faulty Electronic Instruments and loss of computer related issues are the domain of the Instrumentation and Computing team.

  • Dr Douglas Chappell [Information Technology Officer]
  • Ces De La Paz [Technical Officer]


The store provides warehousing for equipment and reagents for research and teaching and the organisation of orders and deliveries for research and teaching staff.

  • Chris Trott [Administrative Assistant - Store and delivery enquiries]
  • Bronwyn Ferguson [Finance Officer]

Autoclaving and Glassware Cleaning

The autoclave and glassware cleaning unit provides a daily autoclaving and glassware cleaning service.

  • Trudie Smith [Glassware Cleaner]
  • Ashrika Acharya [Laboratory Assistant]
  • Jun Wang [Glassware Cleaner]
  • Ana Maria Julca [Glassware Cleaner]

Contact Details

Contact us for any building maintenance or electronic repair related matters. The service centre contact details are available here.