Hyams Beach, 2012

Photos by someone else...

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Fancy some dressmaking? (116kb) The beach (81kb) Time for some ball playing (100kb)
Those are *great* sunnies, Paula...! (111kb) Game on (65kb) So, Mattias, this is a *rugby* ball... (85kb)
*Catching* a football doesn't come naturally to a European! Kicking it - fine... (94kb) Yours (92kb) New player (101kb)
Catch? (93kb) Soumya training the hairy sausage dog (87kb) Who's side is he on? (93kb)
Reclining (124kb) Feeding time (75kb) Beach (61kb)
Heading down to the beach (155kb) Contemplating (58kb) Rocky ledges (61kb)
Sunset (41kb) Sunset (37kb) Sunset (42kb)
Sunset (26kb) Sunset (25kb) Krystal shows us her sparkler style... (31kb)