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Recent news

Jan, 2015: Ana's CHD4 paper comes out

14 Dec, 2015: Ivan hands in!!

4 Dec, 2015: Roland lands a job!

Random photo

Prof. Joel Mackay

PI (NHMRC Senior Research Fellow). In serious need of a haircut.

Prof. Jacqui Matthews

PI with personal chair - hooping name "Alpha Helix" and currently Lorne Program Committee Chair.

Dr Ann Kwan

NMR Facility Manager and structural biologist, with her own unique style. Is delving into the mysterious world of solid-state protein NMR.

A/Prof. David Segal

Recent sabbatical visitor (and honorary ongoing lab member) from deep in the agricultural heart of the US. Is very proud of this fish.

Angela Nikolic

Our lab manager (the person who *really* runs the lab). Watch out if you aren't wearing your lab coat!

Dr Lorna Wilkinson-White

Postdoc with Jacqui - cat fancier...

Dr Philippa Stokes

Über-postdoc with Jacqui. No longer sponsored by Donut King...

Dr Ana Silva

Postdoc with Joel. Crystallographer from Portugal via the UK (escaping the York winters - and summers). Currently growing a small child instead of crystals.

Dr Jason Low

Postdoc in the Mackay lab - fresh from a PhD at UNSW with Prof. Marc Wilkins - continuing on a theme of gene regulatory proteins (with less yeast). Now with added baby!

Dr Ingrid MacIndoe

After BSc Hons with Joel, a PhD with Margie and a schoolteaching sabbatical in Japan, Ingrid is back (and blonder than before) to get a bit more cellular...but with a structural twist.

Dr Mario Torrado del Rey

Recently arrived postdoc from Spain. Unfortunately didn't bring his guitar...but there's still time...

Dr Biswa Mohanty

Visiting postdoc from Monash - dividing his time between Sydney and Melbourne in 2015.

Dr Jason Schmidberger

Postdoc with Joel, stepping into Ana' shoes - with the EM, rather than the baby rearing, that is.

Ivan Nisevic

PhD student with Jacqui. From Serbia - Joel's Croatian heritage could make lab soccer interesting.

Paul Setiyaputra

PhD student with Joel. Definitely had the tidiest desk in the lab...and a mean bass guitar.

Dorothy Wai

PhD student with Joel. Chief lab photographer and occasional arsonist.

Neil Robertson

PhD student with Jacqui. Has the best (binding) curves...

Steph Helder

PhD student with Joel - staying on after Hons. Was under Marylène's designer RBP wing - now branched out into flies.

Ngaio Smith

PhD student with Jacqui. Tried to escape but is stuck with us for the time being!

Taylor Szyszka

PhD student working with Joel - all the way from the US of A. How many labs can say they have a member who has fired a pink AK47?

Mehdi Sharifitabar

PhD student working with Joel - coming to us from the Royan Institute in Tehran. Has a lot of lab experience under his belt already.

Courtney Winning

BSc Hons student working with Joel and Mario. Bravely came up from Canberra for Hons.

Vania Caldas

BSc Hons student working with Jacqui.

Athina Manakas

BSc Hons student working with Jacqui.

Chayenne Ghazi

Dutch student studying to be a lab technician. On a one-year placement with Joel - working with Jason.

Lisa Cecchi

Intern from INSA in France, working with Ann. We are of course expecting fresh croissants for morning tea.

Mégane Petitmangin

Masters student at AgroParisTech - here for an internship with Jacqui. That's la Tour Eiffel in the background...

Samantha Walker

Undergraduate exchange student from the University of Edinburgh, all the way over in bonny Scotland. Hoping she brought some Laphroig as a lab gift...

Gabrielle McClymont

Undergraduate student working with Jacqui and Flyp.

Jack Stewart

Undergraduate summer student working in Jacqui's lab.

Jack Zeng

Undergraduate summer student working with Joel and Mario.

Mahli Kumarasinhe

Undergraduate summer student working with Joel and Steph.

Anna Gotis-Graham

Undergraduate summer student working with Joel and Jason.

Slightly wonky grey cat

In charge of sitting down (someone has to do it when Joel is away)...

A. Zebra

New lab mascot. With wheels, believe it or not...

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