Our symposia are an important means of disseminating the latest research findings to the nutrition community. Below is a complete list of symposia since 1982. Where possible, papers or other related publications are available to download.

Date Title Downloads
14 March 2007 Controversies in Cardiovascular Disease symposium Download
10 May 2006
Mini symposium
Diet, lifestyle and cancer Download
4 November 2005
Nutritional care of the housebound elderly Download
12 November 2004
Mini symposium
Overweight children  
7 July 2004
Mini symposium
Vitamin D - bones and beyond  
22 April 2004
Mini symposium
Diet & disease - mantra for the common man
Will we ever get it right? Diet for a new millennium
December 2002
1 day symposium
Sydney University Human Nutrition Unit completes 25 years  
November 2001 The glycemic index and health: cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity  
November 2000 Fetal origins of adult disease: the Barker hypothesis  
November 1999 Food for sport; exercise for everybody  
November 1998 Nutrition education in schools. Are we getting it right?  
December 1997 Nutrition in the nineties. Are we in agreement?  
December 1996 Osteoporosis and nutrition  
December 1995 Folate, malformations, homocysteinaemia and folic acid in our foods  
December 1994 Which fatty acids?  
December 1993 Salt and blood pressure; salt in bread  
December 1992 New vitamin research, let's FACE it  
December 1991 Obesity in the 90s  
December 1990 No added preservatives - good or bad?  
November 1989 Cholesterol screening: then what?  
September 1988
Food intake measurement of Australians  
December 1987 Community health and nutrition education  
November 1986 Some aspects of Australian food habits  
May 1986 Dietary guidelines  
March 1985 Carbohydrates  
September 1984 Nutrition and heart disease  
February 1984 Nutrition and cancer  
May 1982 Nutrition in Pacific Islands