Publications list for Dr Nick Coleman

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  • Martin, K., Ozsvar, J., Coleman, N. (2014), SmoXYB1C1Z of Mycobacterium NBB4: an sMMO-like monooxygenase, active on C2-C4 alkanes and alkenes. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 80(18), 5801-5806. [Abstract]
  • Liew, E., Tong, D., Coleman, N., Holmes, A. (2014), Mutagenesis of the hydrocarbon monooxygenase indicates a metal centre in subunit-C, and not subunit-B, is essential for copper-containing membrane monooxygenase activity. Microbiology. 1690(pt6), 1267-1277. [Abstract]
  • Coleman, N., Richardson-Harris, J., Wilson, N., Holmes, A. (2014), Insertion sequence ISPst4 activates pUC plasmid replication in Pseudomonas stutzeri. FEMS Microbiology Letters. 356(2), 242-249. [Abstract]


  • Munro, J., Liew, E., Coleman, N. (2013), Adaptation of a Membrane Bioreactor to 1,2-Dichloroethane Revealed by 16S rDNA Pyrosequencing and dhlA qPCR. Environmental Science & Technology. 47, 13668-13676. [Abstract]
  • Dingsdag, S., Coleman, N. (2013), Bacterial communities on food court tables and cleaning equipment in a shopping mall. Epidemiology and Infection. 141(8), 1647-1651. [Abstract]
  • Cheung, S., McCarl, V., Holmes, A., Coleman, N., Rutledge, P. (2013), Substrate range and enantioselectivity of epoxidation reactions mediated by the ethene-oxidising Mycobacterium strain NBB4. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. 97(3), 1131-1140. [Abstract]


  • Crighton, T., Hoile, R., Coleman, N. (2012), Comparison of quantitative PCR and culture-based methods for evaluating dispersal of Bacillus thuringiensis endospores at a bioterrorism hoax crime scene. Forensic Science International. 219(1-3), 88-95. [Abstract]
  • Coleman, N., Le, N., Ly, M., Ogawa, H., McCarl, V., Wilson, N., Holmes, A. (2012), Hydrocarbon monooxygenase in Mycobacterium: recombinant expression of a member of the ammonia monooxygenase superfamily. The ISME journal. 6(1), 171-82. [Abstract]
  • Chow, B., Baume, A., Lok, P., Cao, J., Coleman, N., Ruys, A., Boughton, P. (2012), Development of 3D antibiotic-eluting bioresorbable scaffold with attenuating envelopes. Journal of Biomimetrics, Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering. 15(2012), 55-62.


  • Gestal, A., Liew, E., Coleman, N. (2011), Natural transformation with synthetic gene cassettes: new tools for integron research and biotechnology. Microbiology. 157(Pt 12), 3349–3360. [Abstract]
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  • Ly, M., Liew, E., Le, N., Coleman, N. (2011), Construction and evaluation of pMycoFos, a fosmid shuttle vector for Mycobacterium spp. with inducible gene expression and copy number control. Journal of Microbiological Methods. 86(3), 320-326. [Abstract]
  • Coleman, N., Wilson, N., Barry, K., Brettin, T., Bruce, D., Copeland, A., Dalin, E., Detter, J., Glavina Del Rio, T., Goodwin, L., Hammon, N., Han, S., Hauser, L., Israni, S., Kim, E., Kyrpides, N., Land, M., Lapidus, A., Larimer, F., Lucas, S., Pitluck, S., Richardson, P., Schmutz, J., Tapia, R., Thompson, S., Tice, H., Spain, J., Gossett, J., Mattes, T. (2011), Genome sequence of the ethene- and vinyl chloride-oxidizing actinomycete Nocardioides sp. strain JS614. Journal of Bacteriology. 193(13), 3399–3400. [Abstract]
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  • Mattes, T., Alexander, A., Coleman, N. (2010), Aerobic biodegradation of the chloroethenes: pathways, enzymes, ecology, and evolution. FEMS Microbiology Reviews. 34(4), 445-475. [Abstract]
  • Jin, Y., Cheung, S., Coleman, N., Mattes, T. (2010), Missense mutations in epoxyalkane coenzyme M transferase are associated with adaptation to vinyl chloride in Mycobacterium sp. strain JS623. Applied and environmental microbiology. 76(11), 3413-9. [Abstract]


  • Baume, A., Coleman, N., Boughton, P. (2009), Methods for Achieving Soft Tissue Scaffold Sterility. Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering. 4, 59-69.
  • Johnston, J., Coleman, N., Denyer, G., Gysbers, V., Hancock, D., Rohrlach, B., Agus, H. (2009), Achieving Collective Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Assessment. Synergy. 29, 30-33.