Publications list for Dr Tim Newsome

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  • Dobson, B., Procter, D., Hollett, N., Flesch, I., Newsome, T., Tscharke, D. (2014), Vaccinia virus F5 is required for normal plaque morphology in multiple cell lines but not replication in culture or virulence in mice. Virology. 456-457, 145-156. [Abstract]
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  • Aggarwal, A., Iemma, T., Shih, I., Newsome, T., McAllery, S., Cunningham, A., Turville, S. (2012), Mobilization of HIV Spread by Diaphanous 2 Dependent Filopodia in Infected Dendritic Cells. PLoS Pathogens. 8(6), e1002762. [Abstract]


  • Newsome, T., Marty, A., Lynn, H., Procter, D. (2011), Navigating the subcellular space: Lessons from vaccinia virus. In: Viral Transport, Assembly and Egress. (pp.155-178).India: Research Signpost.


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  • Dodding, M., Newsome, T., Collinson, L., Edwards, C., Way, M. (2009), An E2-F12 complex is required for IEV morphogenesis during vaccinia infection. Cellular microbiology. 11(5), 808-24. [Abstract]
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