Publications list for Ms Vanessa Gysbers

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  • Johnston, J., Kant, S., Gysbers, V., Hancock, D., Denyer, G. (2014), Using an ePortfolio system as an electronic laboratory notebook in undergraduate biochemistry and molecular biology practical classes. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education. 42(1), 50-57. [Abstract]


  • Yu, D., Slaitini, L., Gysbers, V., Riekhoff, A., Kähne, T., Knott, H., De Meester, I., Abbott, C., McCaughan, G., Gorrell, M. (2011), Soluble CD26 / dipeptidyl peptidase IV enhances human lymphocyte proliferation in vitro independent of dipeptidyl peptidase enzyme activity and adenosine deaminase binding. Scandinavian Journal of Immunology. 73(2), 102-111. [Abstract]
  • Gysbers, V., Johnston, J., Hancock, D., Denyer, G. (2011), Why do Students still Bother Coming to Lectures, When Everything is Available Online?. International Journal of Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education. 19(2), 20-36.


  • Ellis, S., Gysbers, V., Manders, P., Li, W., Hofer, M., Müller, M., Campbell, I. (2010), The Cell-Specific Induction of CXC Chemokine Ligand 9 Mediated by IFN-{gamma} in Microglia of the Central Nervous System Is Determined by the Myeloid Transcription Factor PU.1. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950). 185(3), 1864-77. [Abstract]


  • Johnston, J., Coleman, N., Denyer, G., Gysbers, V., Hancock, D., Rohrlach, B., Agus, H. (2009), Achieving Collective Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Assessment. Synergy. 29, 30-33.