Dataset downloads

The draft genome assembly generated by our sequencing consortium is available for download. The draft genome has been published here. A manuscript describing the transcriptome is here.

By downloading the following data, you agree that the data can be freely used and that a full analyses based on these data cannot be published by you before publication by our sequencing consortium.

Please allow some time for large files to start downloading.

Genome assembly

Please cite this paper if you use the genome for your publication:
Naim F, Nakasugi K, Crowhurst RN, Hilario E, Zwart AB, et al. (2012) Advanced Engineering of Lipid Metabolism in Nicotiana benthamiana Using a Draft Genome and the V2 Viral Silencing-Suppressor Protein. PLoS ONE 7(12): e52717.

**Note: This file downloaded before 28 November 2013, had wrong scaffold size information in the header. The sequences themselves are not affected. We have removed the size information, and also alpha-numerically sorted the fasta file by the header.

Transcriptome assembly

Please cite this paper if you use the transcriptome for your publication:
Nakasugi K, Crowhurst RN, Bally J, Wood CC, Hellens RP, Waterhouse P. (2013) De Novo Transcriptome Sequence Assembly and Analysis of RNA silencing genes of Nicotiana benthamiana. PLoS ONE 8(3): e59534.

* See Sequencing strategy for the description of the v5 assembly. Note 'primary transcript set' may contain unspliced variants that longer than the true primary transcript. If you cannot detect your transcript, also try the alternate transcript set.

RNA silencing associated genes

Below are RNA silencing associated gene sequences that were bioinformatically identified in our original transcriptome paper in 2013.

Below are the RNA silencing associated gene sequences, updated in our 2014 transcriptome paper.

Other assemblies

A draft N. benthamiana genome assembly from the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research (BTI) is also available at the Solgenomics website.