The Nicotiana benthamiana Sequencing Consortium

PFR Auckland, New Zealand

Roger Hellens, Ross Crowhurst, Roy Storey, Luke Luo, Elena Hilario at PFR Auckland.

PFR Lincoln, New Zealand

Jeanne Jacobs, Mark Fiers at PFR Lincoln.

CSIRO Canberra, Australia

Craig Wood, Jen Taylor, Fatima Naim at CSIRO Canberra.

University of Sydney, Australia

Peter Waterhouse, Kenlee Nakasugi, Julia Bally, Chloe Paul at University of Sydney.

Key Support:

AGRF Evan Dodds and Matt Stevens. INTERSECT Joachim Mai and Anne Gregan
Sincere thanks to Dr Jeremy Burdon, Chief CSIRO Plant Industry for his support and help in initiating the project