SMB Computer Support Help Pages

Requesting Help

Computer jobs, excepting Out of Scope Services [see below], must go through the ICT Helpdesk

There are several ways to submit a job.

  1. Use the web interface called the Self Service Portal. You will need your unikey username and password to access this site.
  2. Ring the Helpdesk on 9351 6000.
  3. Send an email with the job details to .

Make sure you record the job/ticket number so that you can make further enquiries about the job progress.

Out of Scope Services

Some jobs are handled by SMB Computer support. They must be entered through the Service Centre Job logging system. This way they are logged into the job database system.

Services include:

  • Jobs involving the linux structural biology workstations and servers.
  • Jobs involving the SMB file and print servers.
  • Jobs involving computers interfaced with instruments.
  • Jobs involving student owned computers. ICT will setup network access only.
  • Help with software not supported by ICT.
  • Assistance with access and use of computing facilities such as Intersect and Nectar Cloud.
  • SMB Computer Support also will provide a best effort to fix older computers that are out of warranty.

Job Followup

You must not ring SMB Computer support directly to submit a job. However, once the job is submitted, you are free to email or ring SMB Computer support with further information or to request a status update. Please have your job number ready.

SMB Computer Support contact details are as follows:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 9351 2505 or 9351 6006

Problems with a Job

If you have difficulties with a job please fill out the Job Problems Form. The information you provide will help us iron out difficulties with the job pathway.