MMB Computer Support Help Pages

Introduction to Computing in the School

Computer Support People

Computer Support in the School has been integrated with the University Central ICT group.

All requests for Computer Support should be raised via the ICT Helpdesk on extension 16000 (or dial 9351 6000 from outside the University).

Alternatively, for non urgent requests or additional information please email

SMB Local staff

Dr Doug Chappell - Information Technology Officer

phone: x12505
location: Computer Support Office Room 274, Level 2, Building G08 (through the swipe-card access double doors)

Email and Mailing Lists

It is preferable that all staff and students use their main University email account for correspondence. If you are new to the Uni you will need to contact the ICT Helpdesk to obtain this email account.

Once you have your email address (usually of the format ""), please let Computer Support know so that we can add you to the appropriate mailing list.

The school has the following email lists.

Basic lists

Everyone in the school must be on one of the following lists.

  • for Academic staff
  • for General staff
  • for Honours students
  • for Postgraduate students
  • for any other SMB members
Group lists

These lists are generated automatically from the above lists.

  • - All the School
  • - Academic and General staff
  • - Honours and Postgraduate students
Other lists

The following lists are not maintained by Computer Support. You can subscribe yourself as required.


Please use these sparingly and appropriately so that the lists maintain their full effect (i.e. so that people don't ask to be removed because of the sheer volume of email!). These lists are "members only" lists which means that you cannot send to them unless you are the list. If you get a message saying that your message is awaiting "Moderator Approval" this is probably the reason. The administrative staff will approve the post and arrange things so that it doesn't happen again.

Computer Use

Personally owned machines

Most labs / supervisors will provide some sort of computer for your use. Some students and staff may still prefer to bring their own machines in to the School.