Clinical Nutritional Science B

Course Information

These course outlines are a guide only. They are provided for the information of prospective students. Although every effort is made to ensure the most up to date information is provided, timetables often change each semester due to the availability of rooms and resources. Content (including lecture/practical topics, assessment and textbooks) is also regularly reviewed to ensure relevance and effective learning.

Note: Department permission is required for enrolment. This subject is not available in 2014. It will be available in 1st semester 2015.

Unit of Study Overview

During 20 weeks of placement all students must achieve competency in the 3 clinical areas of individual case management (ICM), community/public health and food service dietetics. Students undertake ICM training at one, two or more hospitals/clinical sites. Community/public health placements occur at community nutrition centres, public health units and non-government organisations. Food service placements are usually part of a hospital food service department or other institution. Attendance at days back at University for Small Group Education and Business Management lectures is required. The semester starts outside of standard university semester dates and is of a maximum of 24-26 weeks duration.

Course Coordinator Contact Details

Ms Margaret Nicholson

Room: 477

Telephone: 02 9351 6020



Full time attendance of clinical practical placement at ICM/community/public health/food service sites.

Note: This unit of study will commence prior to the start of semester.


Assessment of placement is based on the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) competencies. Students will be assessed on their ability to perform as an entry-level-dietitian. Successfully meeting all competencies is worth 50%. There are 2 placement assignments both worth 25% each. There is a Business Management assessment task and Small Group Education assessment task, both of which are pass/fail.