Food Service Management

Course Information

These course outlines are a guide only. They are provided for the information of prospective students. Although every effort is made to ensure the most up to date information is provided, timetables often change each semester due to the availability of rooms and resources. Content (including lecture/practical topics, assessment and textbooks) is also regularly reviewed to ensure relevance and effective learning.

Unit of Study Overview

The course introduces students to the principles of Food Service Management including food safety, nutrition marketing, technology in foodservice, food regulations, foodservice across the continuum of care, foodservice for special populations, menu and recipe assessment, menu and recipe development, and management and leadership in foodservice. Students gain knowledge, as well as practical skills and clinical, community, industry and commercial applications.

Course Coordinator Contact Details

Ms Lana Lebden


E-mail: lana.lebden@sydney.edu.au


Practical assignments: 15%
Minor Projects: 30%
Major Project: 55%