Nutrition Research Project

Course Information

These course outlines are a guide only. They are provided for the information of prospective students. Although every effort is made to ensure the most up to date information is provided, timetables often change each semester due to the availability of rooms and resources. Content (including lecture/practical topics, assessment and textbooks) is also regularly reviewed to ensure relevance and effective learning.

Unit of Study Overview

During the research semester each student has a research supervisor. Research projects can include small surveys, simple bench work, supervised hospital assignments or library searches, and are carried out in the University or with an external supervisor. Students also attend nutrition seminars.

Course Coordinator Contact Details

Ms Lana Hebden

Room: 473, Level 4, G08 SMB

E-mail: lana.hebden@sydney.edu.au


1st Lecture: Monday 10:00am Biochemistry Lecture Room 471 (Week 1)
2nd Lecture: Thursday 2:00pm-5:00pm Biochemistry Lecture Room 471 (Week 3)
3rd Lecture: Monday 9:00am-5:00pm Architecture Lecture Theatre 1 (Week 14)
4th Lecture: Tuesday 9:00am-5:00pm Architecture Lecture Theatre 1 (Week 14)


Relevant articles will be provided by the research supervisor.

Recommended reading
A guide to critical reading: how to evaluate a nutrition research article
S Samman and A.S. Truswell, Aust J Nutr Diet 2001; 58:195-7

Lecture Outlines

During the research semester, students will be required to:

  • carry out a supervised research project;
  • present a written project proposal and present orally, to a small group, a brief literature survey and aims of the project;
  • write a research report based on the project;
  • deliver a seminar on the project;
  • attend tutorials.


Two assignments, oral presentation, report