Nutritional and Food Science

Course Information

These course outlines are a guide only. They are provided for the information of prospective students. Although every effort is made to ensure the most up to date information is provided, timetables often change each semester due to the availability of rooms and resources. Content (including lecture/practical topics, assessment and textbooks) is also regularly reviewed to ensure relevance and effective learning.

Unit of Study Overview

This unit of study aims to develop students' knowledge of the food supply, food groups, nutrition recommendations, food sources of nutrients, and the function and significance of macronutrients and micronutrients. This knowledge is fundamental across the scope of activities undertaken by Dietetic professionals, including for identifying and assessing individual and population food and nutrient requirements, and for providing and promoting relevant and accurate nutrition information.

Course Coordinator Contact Details

Dr Jimmy Louie

Room: 473

Telephone: 9351 4239

E-mail: jimmy.louie@sydney.edu.au


- Mondays from 10:00am - 1:00pm
- Wednesday from 2.00pm - 4:00pm (most weeks)


Mann J & Truswell AS “Essentials of Human Nutrition” Oxford: Oxford University Press, 4th edition, 2012.


Wardlaw GM and Smith AM. Wardlaw’s nutrition. Sydney: McGraw Hill, 1st edition (Australia/New Zealand), 2013.

Recommended readings are also available at the SciTech Library and/or online through the Sydney University Library website and the Blackboard Learn page for NTDT5601.


- Quiz, Week 4 (25%)
- Quiz, Week 9 (25%)
- Lab book (Pass/Fail)