Dietetics Professional Studies

Course Information

These course outlines are a guide only. They are provided for the information of prospective students. Although every effort is made to ensure the most up to date information is provided, timetables often change each semester due to the availability of rooms and resources. Content (including lecture/practical topics, assessment and textbooks) is also regularly reviewed to ensure relevance and effective learning.

Unit of Study Overview

This course is designed to facilitate students to develop professional communication and organisation/ management skills that will enable them to work effectively as dietitians. Dietitians work in varied environments – within private and government organisations, industry and in private practice; within teams and solely. Interpersonal, individual and group communication as well as professional, management, organisation and general business skills are required in all of these areas. This Unit of Study introduces communication, management and organisation theory and skills to dietetics students. Students will have the opportunity to apply these through practical examples in class and by assessment tasks.

Course Coordinator Contact Details

Dr Fiona O'Leary

E-mail: fiona.oleary@sydney.edu.au


Contact department for timetable.


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