Helps you design the primers to make an amiR in pBlueGreen


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amiR sequence mRNA target sequence

Use either our amiR target site selection program or your own amiR sequence (eg from WMD3)

Type or Paste the mRNA Target Sequence or the desired amiR sequence here :

Cannonical 21nt amiR Asymmetric 22nt amiRNew Starburst

Or design the primers manually using the template below - the 21 nt sequence of the target in the mRNA goes in the _ _ _ of the Reverse primer and in the _ _ _ of the F primer. But change the bases in the F primer, shown in blue, in the template (g a .....t) so that they will mismatch with the R primer. Using our program is less of a brain-strain and the primer sequences are immediately emailed to you!

primer template