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List of University Resources for Staff

List of University Online Services for Staff

Building/Secure Area Access

Authorizing access to University buildings and secure areas is the responsibility of your School/Unit. Please refer to your local area induction process for how to obtain the appropriate authorization. Once your School has forwarded your authorized access to Security Services take your staff card to Security Services (Level 1 (ground), Services Building (G12) Darlington Campus) between 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday for it to be activated.

Campus Infrastructure Services (CIS)

This is the name for facilities at the University and is responsible for the planning, development and operation of the University’s campuses and facilities.
Visit the Campus Infrastructure Services website.

Code of Conduct

This University wide policy has been formulated to provide a clear statement of the University’s expected standards of acceptable professional conduct; it applies to all staff and affiliates of the University. Read the Code of Conduct policy.


Central ICT run a mail server for all staff members with a UniKey account whilst a number of Departments run their own mail servers (please refer to your local induction to identify if this relates to you). More information about email at the University of Sydney.

Employment Commencement Advice

This is the form you will need to complete and return to the HR Service Centre on your first day. Employee Commencement Form.

EOOnline – Fair play at work

is a self-paced online professional development program to assist staff with understanding and complying with the University’s equal opportunity and anti-discrimination requirements, with an overall aim of supporting a positive working and learning environment in which all staff and students are treated fairly and equitably. EOOnline


is an online tool that provides a number of HR services to staff, such as applying for annual leave and sick leave as well as electronic pay-slips and payment summaries. Other types of leave must be applied for via the leave form.

OH&S and Injury Management (OHSIM)

In OHS and Injury Management (OHSIM) facilitate the management of OHS risks within the University and arising from University activities. They have guidelines and forms that you should be familiar with. OHSIM


You will need a Unikey ID to make a request for new phone services Phone services.

Start-Up Funds for New Staff

The Faculty has established a policy to provide support funds for new staff to assist them to set up their research program. The conditions for Start-Up Funds are as follows:

  • The funds are available to newly appointed Learning and Teaching continuing academic staff or staff appointed to a continuing position.
  • Heads of Schools will need to negotiate with the Dean, Faculty of Science, on the total amount to be offered prior to finalising the offer of appointment with HR
  • The amount of funding available will be made clear to staff at the time of appointment
  • The Faculty will provide matching funds with the School in which the appointment is made
  • Funds are not to be used for office set up. Costs for office set up should be provided by Schools in the normal course of an appointment
  • Items which can be covered by these funds include but are not limited to, laboratory set up, research assistance, travel to overseas collaborating institute on research, specialist research equipment
  • The new appointee must provide a brief (half page) summary outlining the planned use of these funds within 1 month of appointment. This will assist the Faculty/School finance personnel to budget appropriately.
  • Funds can carry over up to 3 years

Approved by the Dean, Professor Trevor Hambley
13 January 2015


This is name of the University’s human resources (HR) unit. They support staff at all stages of their employment and help the University to attract, develop and retain top talent. SydneyPeople.


This is the expense management system used by the University for Corporate card acquittals and authorization, online travel requisitions and all travel expense claims and approvals. Please speak further with your manager if you have been issued or require a Corporate Card about arranging the appropriate training. Spendvision


To arrange a parking pass for onsite parking. Parking website.

Staff Card

On joining the University of Sydney, if you are eligible, you will be issued with a Staff Card which you should carry at all times when on University property. Staff card info.

Unikey ID

A Unikey ID is your overarching logon for University electronic and IT systems linked to your Staff Number. Your Unikey logon is coordinated by Central ICT, who offers a number of services to Staff members of the University, including Helpdesk functions. Some departments have local IT support. ICT support.

University Maps

University Policies

This site has a complete list of current policies, procedures and guidelines across the University. University Policies.

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