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What is Induction?

Staff at the University

Induction refers to the process of welcoming New Staff Members and assisting them with their transition into a new workplace. Preparation for this commences well before a New Staff Member’s first day. It includes things such as meeting new team members, getting familiarised with your new work environment, establishing performance objectives, setting up an email account and computer/systems access, and understanding the work arrangements, policies and processes of your local area.

An Induction Plan captures and documents these activities and should be designed considering what the New Staff Member needs to know NOW avoiding the tendency to overload the New Staff Member with information, particularly on the first day.

What does Induction mean for the Faculty of Science?

The Faculty of Science is committed to welcoming new staff and helping them transition into their new position, responsibilities and working environment. We understand how important it is to start off on the right foot and that doing so will make for a happier and more productive staff member.

What is the difference between this process and your local School/Unit Induction?

The material that appears on this website is meant to compliment the local induction which occurs within each School and Unit within the Faculty of Science.

Please note that the information on this webpage and attached documents about induction for the Faculty of Science are a guide only. Each School/Unit is responsible for how induction is managed within their department and this may mean local or departmental induction roles and responsibilities are different from those described here.


Induction Roles and Responsibilities

The two main roles in induction are played by the New Staff Member and the Induction Supervisor; however the process can also be supported by an Induction Partner and/or an Induction Coordinator.

New Staff Member

The role of the New Staff Member is to participate in the induction process fully and to utilize the opportunities offered by the Induction Program.

New Staff Member Induction Checklist

Induction Supervisor

It is the responsibility of the Induction Supervisor to develop and implement an Induction Plan for a New Staff Member. The Induction Supervisor may call upon the assistance of an Induction Coordinator and/or Induction Partner to do this.

It is their role to ensure that the New Staff Member is welcomed and guided through their first few weeks in the University and that this time period is used to properly familiarise them into the local work environment and the requirements of their position so that they can deliver the best performance possible.

Supervisor's Induction Checklist

Induction Partner (optional)

The role of the Induction Partner is to help the New Staff Member transition in a less formal way. This could be by answering general questions and queries e.g. where is the paper for the photocopier, facilitating introductions e.g. inviting the New Staff Member to a team lunch, and/or giving a tour of the facility and other areas as appropriate e.g. showing the New Staff Member where to get a good cup of coffee. An Induction Partner is likely to be a peer of the New Staff Member.

The Induction Supervisor and the Induction Partner need to agree upon the Induction Partner’s role before the New Staff Member’s first day. Other activities that it may be appropriate for the Induction Partner to be responsible for include:

  • Explain internal procedures (e.g. administration, mail room, staff meetings);
  • Introduce the new employee to key support people, so the employee will know where to go for specific issues;
  • Give a tour of the facility and other areas as appropriate.
  • Explain operation of the office equipment (eg. Photocopier, fax, telephone etc);
  • Answer questions relating to the local area – if the employee is new to the area or the University overall;
  • Provide information on the culture and work practices of the location.

Induction Coordinator (optional)

The role of the Induction Coordinator is to provide organizational and administrative support for the Induction Supervisor such as organizing desk space and building access for the New Staff Member. An Induction Coordinator is likely to be a member of your School/Units Administrative team. The Induction Supervisor and the Induction Coordinator need to agree upon the Induction Coordinators role before the New Staff Members first day.