Frequently asked questions

Is there any possibility of being admitted without meeting the pre-requisite degree in Science?

No. Candidates who do not meet the pre-requisites will not be considered. A strong background in science is critical to the study of dietetics and for obtaining professional accreditation. In addition, a credit average or better is essential.

I have a Science degree with an average credit or better but I am missing one or more of the prerequisites in physiology or biochemistry and molecular biology. What can I do?

You can apply to enrol as a non-degree candidate at the University of Sydney. The units that satisfy the MND pre-requisites include: MBLG2071, BCHM2072, PHSI2005, PHSI2006.
If you do not have a science degree taking these units does not qualify you to apply for the MND.

Note: These units themselves have prerequisites that must be fulfilled before students will be allowed to enrol. MBLG2071 requires the completion of MBLG1001 or equivalent. PHSI requires the completion of 6 credit points of Junior Chemistry plus 30 credit points from any Junior Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Psychology units of study.

Is it possible for me to enrol as a part-time student?

No. Only full time attendance is available.

After a year of attending the Master of Nutrition and Dietetics, is it possible to be awarded a Diploma of Nutrition and Dietetics?

No. There is no Diploma available for nutrition and dietetics.

Can the Master of Nutrition and Dietetics be undertaken via correspondence?

No. The degree involves a large practical component that requires students to be on-site.