Weather Conditions

Details of temperature, humidity, rainfall, lagoon temperature etc are available on request. Queensland IMOS and AIMS maintain weather stations on the island, access to the data is available via the AIMS website. Access of recent historical weather and water conditions through GBROOS
Visitors should bring wet weather gear as well as some warm clothing at all times of the year.

The Station Manager has the final say as to whether boating or diving activities are possible in rough weather.

Cyclone Management Plan

During the cyclone season, the Australia Bureau of Meteorology relays cyclone and tropical low development forecasts on a daily basis. When there is potential for a system to develop, forecasts are broadcast at six hourly intervals. The forecast frequency is increased to three hourly updates following the development of a tropical low or cyclonic system, becoming hourly when a cyclone is close to the coast.

The managers at One Tree Island obtain daily weather information and updates from the Bureau of Meteorology website. In the event that the bureau issues a cyclone watch in which OTI is in the predicted path, station shutdown procedures and/or evacuation planning shall be initiated.