Food and drinks

Visitors to One Tree Island Research Station are required to self-cater. This arrangement also applies to overnight stays on Heron Island Research Station however it is possible to dine at Heron Island Resort. (please see their website as other options might be available and speak to our managers to discuss your options).

Local supermarkets and bottle shops at Gladstone are familiar with the barge delivery service to the islands. The barge arrives at HIRS every Wednesday, where your food will be stored appropriately until your transfer to OTIRS.


Please take into account that on top of the cost of food you will be charged for the transport and delivery to HIRS.

Supermarkets at Gladstone

All food and equipment is shipped via Heron Island onboard the Robert Poulsen Barge from the Delaware North Barge Yard in Gladstone. The weekly deadline for delivery of non-perishable items to the barge yard is 3 pm each Monday; perishable items MUST be delivered between 6.30-10 am on Tuesdays only. Please note that no perishable items can be received outside of these times due to the absence of cold storage facilities at the barge yard.

The delivery address is:

One Tree Island Research Station
Via "Robert Poulsen" Barge
Delaware North Barge Yard
11 Rooksby Street
Gladstone Qld 4680
Ph/Fax: (07) 4972 5601

Contact one of the following supermarkets with your food order using THIS Payment is required at the time of order. Coles and Woolworths accept credit cards, and Woolworths has its own online shopping system running in Gladstone. Casts need to be contacted directly to arrange payment.

Please feel free to contact our managers if you are unsure of what to order or if you wish to discuss quantities.

  • Drakes Supa IGA
    119 Tooloa Street
    Gladstone QLD 4680
    Phone: 07 4979 5700 ask for Madonna or Joy
    Fax: 08 8154 1437 Please note area code 08 is correct
  • Coles Supermarket
    Dawson Highway
    Gladstone QLD 4680
    Phone: 07 4978 4377
    Fax: 07 4978 5386
  • Woolworths Supermarket – Kinkora
    Cnr Dawson Highway and Phillip Street
    Gladstone QLD 4680
    Phone: 07 4978 1066
    Fax: 07 4978 2136

TIP: Use the retailers online ordering website to plan your food order.

Bottle shops at Gladstone

Alcohol can be purchased through the following hotels in Gladstone and sent over by barge. Local hotels are familiar with the barge delivery service and will arrange for orders to be taken to the barge yard, charging to a credit card.

Possible hotels are: Dicey's Irish Pub (07) 4972 7577
The Young Australian Hotel (07) 4972 1200

Deadline is the same as for food.