Logistics and Costs


Organising your trip to OTIRS can be challenging, and varies depending on group size and research activities to be conducted. There are many logistical considerations that the station managers can assist you with. The following is a checklist of the things you should consider but first, please drop us an e-mail and we will be really happy to help you as much as we can in organising your trip. science.onetree@sydney.edu.au

  1. Research Sites
  2. Best dates for access to Research Sites
  3. Availability and use of Station facilities and Equipment
  4. Permits required to visit and conduct research
  5. Fieldwork plan
  6. Risk assessments
  7. Ordering of food and supplies
  8. Transfer of Equipment and Food on Weekly/Fortnightly Barge
  9. Transfer of Researchers to and from Station
  10. Sample storage and transfer
  11. Appropriate footwear and clothing
  12. Linen / sleeping bags