Travel to One Tree Island Research Station


Access to the One Tree Island Research Station is from Gladstone, QLD, usually via Heron Island.

Travel between Gladstone and Heron Island

Transport to One Tree Island is via the daily "Heron Islander" catamaran service to Heron Island, then via our station boat to One Tree Island.


  • Check in at Gladstone Marina no later than 10:15 am
  • The catamaran leaves at 11:00 am and the trip to Heron Island takes approximately 2 hours

Please inform the OTIRS if you require transport from the airport to the marina, or need recommendation on where to overnight in Gladstone.


  • The catamaran departs Heron Island at 1:00 pm, arriving at Gladstone around 4:00 pm
  • OTIRS will arrange for transport by bus or taxi from the marina to the airport if requested

NB: No general goods are carried on this vessel; this includes food. If you require special consideration for additional luggage, please inform the OTIRS managers. Excess baggage will be charged. Allow extra time for check in if you have extra luggage.

Travel between Heron Island and One Tree Island

OTIRS staff will arrange for your food and baggage to be transported onto their vessel just prior to departure to One Tree Island. . The trip between Heron Island and One Tree Island takes approximately one hour. The station managers make a regular trip to Heron Island for supplies on a weekly basis and it is usually more cost effective for researchers to time their arrival and departure to coincide with this regular scheduled run.

PLEASE NOTE: Entry into the One Tree Reef lagoon is tide restricted, and crossing are only possible at certain times. Please see the information page for more information. Depending on the tides, you may be required to overnight at Heron Island Research Station. The OTIRS managers will arrange this if required. You will be required to self-cater at Heron Island Research Station.