The Importance of Talking Sh*t: Designer Faeces and how it could save your life

Date: Wed 14 May 2014
Time: 5.45PM - 6.45PM
Venue: Eastern Avenue Auditorium
Cost: FREE


Presented by Associate Professor Andrew Holmes
School of Molecular Bioscience | Charles Perkins Centre
the University of Sydney

Heard the old adage ‘You are what you eat’? Well it could be ‘You are what you grow in your gut’.

Our gut houses the microbiological equivalent of a large biodynamic organic vegetable patch that has a profound effect on our health. Our gut microbiome is the 1000 or so species of microbe that are normally present for most of our life. Just as with our genome, each of us has a unique microbiome and it encodes basic properties that influence our health and wellbeing. A key difference is that we acquire our genome more or less instantaneously at conception and are stuck with it for life. In contrast we acquire our microbiome over a far more protracted period and it is more malleable – for good or for bad. Studies comparing the microbiome of healthy and sick people have revealed a wide range of metabolic, immunological and even neuropsychiatric conditions where a dysfunctional microbiome is part of the underlying problem.

Rapid advances in understanding the host-microbiome relationship are now leading to better understanding of risk factors and novel strategies for treatment of microbiome-associated disease. Find out how we may use designer faeces in the future to improve health.

Join us after this talk for hands-on activities and demonstrations.

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