The Fast and the Far-Reaching: Advances in Quantum Mechanics

Date: Wed 16 Oct 2013
Time: 5.45PM - 6.45PM
Venue: Eastern Avenue Auditorium
Cost: FREE


Presented by Professor David Reilly
School of Physics, the University of Sydney

Quantum mechanics is set to revolutionise the world, as we harness the technological power of nature at its most fundamental level. Scientists around the world are part of a major international effort to use the properties of quantum physics – a bizarre theory constructed nearly 100 years ago in the coffee houses of Europe – in numerous applications that will impact all areas of our modern life.

Professor David Reilly, from the ARC Centre for Engineered Quantum Systems in the School of Physics at the University of Sydney, will take the audience on a journey through the big questions in quantum science. He will feature the cutting edge quantum science underway at the University of Sydney and look to the future for many exciting possibilities that await us in the 21st Century.

Join us after the lecture for a variety of interactive Physics experiments and activities as well as drinks and nibbles.

Venue map: Eastern Avenue Auditorium

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