Camden Open Day

Explore the fascinating world of agriculture, environment, science and veterinary science at the University of Sydney’s Camden Open Day. Do hands-on workshops, hear captivating talks and meet scientists conducting cutting edge research, plus be entertained by amazing science with a talk by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki!

Camden Open Day is a must-do science experience that allows students to see research in action in the areas of agriculture, environment, science and veterinary science.

Camden Open Day is a full day of amazing agriculture, vibrant veterinary science and scintillating science for only $15 per student!

The day starts with a welcome and Dr Karl Kruszelnicki’s funny fact-filled talk, then students have the opportunity to attend three workshops to really experience the latest in these natural science areas.

Camden Open Day 2018

University of Sydney, Camden Campus
Location: 410 Werombi Road, Camden, NSW
Date: Friday 15 June 2018
Time: 9:30am-2:15pm
Cost: $15 per student

Suitability: Students in Year 9 and 10

About the program

Camden Open Day is a full day program especially designed for high school students in years 9-10 interested in the environment, agriculture, science and veterinary science.

The following faculties run the activities:

  • Agriculture and Environment
  • Veterinary Science
  • Science


Charlotte Fletcher
T: 9114 0825

Watch the video to see what students got up to in 2013: