HSC Revision

Kickstart Science

The opportunity for HSC students to do experiments and demonstrations of key ideas in the syllabus on campus.

Agriculture HSC Seminar

Spend a day on valuable revision and case studies of current research for the HSC Agriculture and Primary Industries courses at our Agriculture HSC Seminar.

STANSW HSC Science Revision Days

These events bring together students with highly qualified science teachers to prepare them for the Higher School Certificate Examinations.

Year 7 to 11 Activities

Sydney Science Experience

Talks and hands-on activities related to forensics. Includes DNA analysis, blood typing, and identifying fibres from a crime scene (Yr 10-11).

Gifted & Talented Discovery Program

New challenges and an on-campus experience for talented high school science students (Yr 8-10).

Camden Open Day

Explore the fascinating world of agriculture, environment, science and veterinary
science at the University of Sydney’s Camden Open Day.

Mega Maths Day

No matter what you choose to do in the future, maths will be a part of it. Discover how maths is involved in pretty much every area of life at Mega Maths Day.

Spectacular Science

Take a journey into the fascinating world of science, with a day trip to Spectacular Science.

Virtual Visits

Have a mathematics researcher dial in to your classroom to share their career story, have an open Q&A session and ending with some hands-on puzzles. (Years 9-11).

Activities for All Years

Sleek Geeks Eureka Prizes

If you’re a teacher or a student in primary school, high school or university, check out this great video competition.

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Why not catch a Dr Karl’s free “Great Moments in Science" talk during your next tour to the University?

International Science School (ISS)

The Professor Harry Messel International Science School (ISS) is a visionary science programme created for academically gifted high school students.

School Visits

From Biology and Chemistry to Maths and Museums, join us on campus for a half-day of hands-on science activities.

STANSW Young Scientist Models and Inventions Exhibition

Come along and be amazed at the ingenuity of NSW school students.

Sydney Science Forum

An annual public lecture series on the
latest in scientific research, ideas, possibilities and innovations.

Teacher Resources

Science Teachers' Workshop

A collection of teacher resources for teaching and professional development.

STEM Academy

The STEM Academy brings together expertise from a number of the University’s faculties to help build the nations' STEM capacity.

Careers in Science

So you're thinking about a career in Science! Find out where a career in science can take you and how to build your portfolio.

Science Alliance Newsletter Archive

Stay up-to-date with the latest science happenings and science programs and events at the University of Sydney.