Kickstart Science

A workshop program for HSC science students

The Kickstart Science Workshops are aimed at HSC science students and teachers. These workshops are designed to meet the demand expressed by science teachers in response to changes to the NSW HSC Science syllabus. Parts of the science syllabus requires equipment or expertise in areas that many schools may not be able to provide. Kickstart workshops give HSC students a chance to do experiments and demonstrations of key ideas in the syllabus that are difficult to do in the classroom.

These useful and flexible workshops are offered in:

For more information

For further information please contact:
Charlotte Fletcher
Phone: +61 2 9114 0825

Workshop details

Workshop details
Dates and times available Workshops are available throughout the year. Please visit our booking portal to view available dates and make a booking.
Duration Workshops run for 2-3 hours duration.
Class size
Biology and Chemistry require a minimum class size of 15 students. Physics requires a minimum class size of 8 students. If your class size is smaller than this, please contact
Program Fees
$29.70/student (inc GST)
To make a booking, simply visit our booking portal.
Once your booking has been finailsed, an email confirming dates/venues will be issued to you.
Terms and Conditions
Please ensure you have read, understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions of your booking.