Kickstart in the School Holidays

Kickstart Biology, Chemistry and Physics are running in the July School Holidays at the University of Sydney (Camperdown campus). Students can register individually to attend these sessions.

Students will be required to pay by credit card at the time of registration. The cost of each module is $29.70 (incl GST).


Tuesday 4 July
10am-12.30pm: Blueprint of Life
1.30pm-4.00pm: Communications/Genetics: The Code Broken?


Wednesday 5 July
10.00am-12.00pm: Chemical Monitoring and Management

Students will be able to add experiments in optional topics on the day. The optional topics available are Industrial Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry and Shipwrecks, Corrosion and Salvation.


Monday 3 July
9.30am-12.00pm: Motors and Generators
1.00pm-3.30pm: Ideas to Implementation

Revision days

Why not add even more to your HSC revision and enrol in the University of Sydney and STANSW Science Revision Days.