The Paper Pilots

The Paper Pilots, Dylan Parker and James Norton

The Paper Pilots, Dylan Parker and James Norton

THE PAPER PILOTS are the world's first educational paper plane sports team! Not only are Dylan Parker and James Norton the inspiration behind the hit Aussie movie PAPER PLANES but they are touring the country teaching the science of flight through their awesome paper plane workshops.

THE PAPER PILOTS offer half or full-day packages to both primary and secondary schools which deliver multiple ‘FLIGHT SCHOOL’ workshops. The full-day package can cover up to 240 students and has been developed in consultation with teachers and the new national science curriculum.

A visit from THE PAPER PILOTS will serve as an excellent tool to engage students around topics such as FORCES, TRANSPORT and a variety of other curriculum focuses. The workshops culminate in a variety of hands-on paper plane activities where students demonstrate and refine their understanding of the topics covered while sparking a love for physical sciences.

Visit the Paper Pilots website to make a booking.