Tea-composition: Soil science for schools


Researching the living soil - a simple method

Agriculture at The University of Sydney invites you and your students to participate in ‘Tea-composition’ –a practical, real-world research project that evaluates decomposition and its relation to local soil type, soil properties and environmental influences, using simply, a tea bag.
Our researchers need the help of students and teachers to develop a state-of-the-art digital map of soil health across New South Wales. The Tea Bag Index provides a simple method for students to conduct this research.

Science, Mathematics and Agriculture

With lesson plans designed by teachers, for teachers, students in Stages 3, 4 and 5 will be engaged in practical activities including field tests, laboratory style experiments, classroom analyses and digital reporting. The project and optional extension lessons have specific and integrated links to the learning areas of science, mathematics and agriculture.

A field test kit, educational resources and lesson plans will be provided by The University of Sydney for teachers and students.

What’s Involved?

Commencing in August/September each year, this project is able to fit the needs and time commitments of teachers. Educators may elect to participate in the study for as little as three months, however, students will be exposed to a more valuable experience if they choose to participate in the full length of the project.

Register your interest here to participate in Tea-Composition 2018.