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In the Natural Sciences, one of our main goals is to offer challenging and exciting science-based activities to school students and teachers. We also aim to promote an interest in science to schools and the general community through events such as the Sydney Science Forum (SSF) lecture series.

The Faculty of Science established Science Alliance in 1996 with the aim of bridging the gap between Science at Sydney and high school science teachers by granting them access to gain insights through the expertise of the scientific staff at the University of Sydney.

Over the years we have expanded our program inclusions to cater for the general public who have a passion for science. Our Science Alliance membership boasts a diverse cross-section of members from the general public, University community and the Faculty’s alumni. Catering to both the school community and the public, the Science Alliance programs brings over 12,000 science enthusiasts to the University of Sydney campus each year.

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We hope you take advantage of our excellent selection of events and programs. The options are diverse, ranging from science careers, relativity or Dr Karl talks; to biology, chemistry or physics workshops for all ages.

We encourage school group bookings and members of the public to join us in learning about an array of exciting developments in the world of science.

We look forward to exploring science with you through your subscription to Science Alliance.

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As a subscriber to Science Alliance you will gain access to interesting and reliable information about science and technology events, programs and news. This doubles as a valuable resource for any science teacher and science student!

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